***SMALL*** PWR/SWR Meter...?


From: KBVCC (kb0vcc@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:36:42 CST

Hi Gang,

I caught the tail end of the recent pwr/swr meter
thread, but didn't see what I've been interested
in for some time now. Specifically, I'm looking for
a TINY, accurate QRP pwr/vswr meter. Hopefully with
two ranges, 5w max deflection and 1w max deflection.
I prefer two meters displaying forward and reflected
power simultaneously. Here's the kicker, I'm
looking for something SMALL for hiking! I'm talking
something like 1" thick, 2" wide and 3" long and weighs
in the 8 oz range (w/battery). Does there exist
such a thing on the market either in kit or assembled
form, or do I have to brew my own? This sounds like
an excellent kit for some club. All those I've found
in my search thus far are MUCH bigger and heavier than
I described, all using extremely low-density PCB
construction and huge meter movements. I would
build it using very small edge-wise meter movements
and keep board components as tight as physically
possible. Comments? Suggestions?

Tnx es 72/73!

 Dale Anderson In the Mt Washington Valley
 KB0VCC Conway, New Hampshire
 QRP-L #91 / CQC #251 Grid Sq: FN43KX
 ARS #234 / FISTS #3172 http://www.qsl.net/kb0vcc

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