From: Franco, Nicholas J (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 08:54:45 CST

Hi Gang,

Late last night I decided to make a short contact before retiring for the
night. I turned on my SWL-30 (original) and listened around. A strong DX
station was working someone and then called QRZ. He was DJ7PW, "Wolf" and
turned out to be very friendly. We engaged in a ragchew initiated on his
end. I thougt since I'm QRP and it was DX that this would be a quick
exchange and sign-off deal. Each time I turned it back, he had another
question about my rig or antenna, etc. BTW: I worked him at 2W using my
HF6V ant. We had a very enjoyable chat and he told me that I was peaking at
579 consistently during the QSO! He was running 100W to a 3el Yagi, so I
didn't have any problem hearing him :-) It was a nice way to end the day.

30 meters is alive and well, and the people who hang out there are still
very friendly. Get on the air and have fun.

God Bless es 73,

Nick - kf2p . .
QRP-L # 13

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