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From: Leon Heller (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 07:36:53 CST

> My latest foray into hamdom is learning DSP. In general terms in the RF
>arena for IF and audio areas. I started collecting and reading various
>articles, etc but am still confused on a good DSP evaluation system to
>learn on. Anyone have any pointers or experiences they are willing to
>share?? FWIW, I do have a small background in assembly and C programming
>on Intel based CPUs. Where I can already tell I'm short in is the math -
>but is that a major requirement and will it hinder learning??

Motorola, ADI and TI all make cheap DSP kits, which come with development
software (usually assembler). Look at the various architectures and decide
which you like. I've got an ADI EZ-Kit (fixed-point 16-bit) and a TI kit
(32-bit floating-point). I prefer the ADI kit, the assembly language is
*much* nicer, and for most applications, fixed-point is fine. You can use a
floating-point library if you really need FP. That's what I do at work, with
the ADI DSP we use.

Unless you are developing your own algorithms, you don't really need to go
into the details of the maths.

73, Leon

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