160 meter Contest


From: wa4dou@excite.com
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 22:14:28 CST

Hi Gang,
  How many of us who work in radio communications haven't looked longingly
at the tower/towers we're exposed to and wondered how we might press them
into amateur service in some way? For years, i've thought about doing just
that on 160 meters.
  Well, i did it, over the weekend. My antenna was a "sloper" hung 190 ft.
high off the east-north east side of one several hundred feet higher.
Running 25 watts output and only on for the second night of the contest
(Sat.), i operated for about 10 hours. I worked 163 or 164 stations in about
44 or 45 multipliers. 38 of them were states, several were in the Caribbean,
and 2 were in Europe.
  I have absolutely no way of characterizing this experience since this was
my first time ever on 160 (in almost 40 years as a ham)but it was fun and
clearly is different, even from 80 meters.
  Apparently noise is an even bigger problem than on 80, and is present even
in winter, perhaps reduced compared to summer.
  Successful qrp'ers on 160 have their work cut out for them.

  73 de Roy WA4DOU

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