OP:Is it QRP?


From: Richard Matthews (prm@hiwaay.net)
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 19:01:07 CST

We QRPers like the disadvantage and challenge of operating at very lower
wattage . . right? We like making contacts using less, even though many
times those contacts are marginal and sometimes can't be sustained for very

Now along comes PSK31 and a QRP station can jump in and have hour long QSO's
with little effort and even though other ops say, "Wow, just three watts",
we know this is like catching fish out of a barrel . . .is this really QRP?

It may be that QRP designations should be redrawn for PSK work and set . 5
watts as the QRP level.

I'm just joshing , so please no flames, but this is easy . . . but fun . My
Warbler QRP PSK contacts last as long as I want them too, I'm not straining
my ears to stay in the QSO, and the other ops still get a kick out of
working a station feeding peanut power into a piece of wire and calling
himself a QRPer. . . . .I'm getting kicks out of it too.

I have not put my Warbler in a case yet but have screwed it to the underside
of a shelf over my op area with the connections facing me. I leave it
unplugged untill I want to go on 80 meter PSK then in about 15 seconds I can
have the connections made and be sending CQ. I use the same connections to
put my 20 meters PSK-20 online but it is in a case.

I've been setting here in the shack with ine eye on the Super bowl . .
nothing QRP about those guys.


Richard WA4NWW

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