From: Ron, KU7Y (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 10:17:40 CST

Hi Ade,

I gave several weather balloons away over the years. Some have even been on
DXpeditions! :-)

Check out your local weather people. (Not the TV types but the NWS or
someone doing studies of weather related things.) I'll just bet that there
is a box of them hiding in storage someplace right there where you work!

What happens is that they all want to send up weather balloons and get a box
or two of them free. Then they find out just how much it costs to really
track them and the project kinda dies on the vine!

We are in Boise. It's cold. There is white stuff on the ground. Can't
wait to get back to that swimming pool!


cul, Ron KU7Y
Full time RVing somewhere in the West!
(Currently near Quartzsite, AZ)
A Proud AZScQRPion
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