Good deals on headphones and QRP power supply


Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 14:27:13 CST

All Electronics http://www.allelectronics. com
has a couple of good deals going right now.

PS-131 a 1 Amp Wal-wart switching power supply from Qualcomm. Weighs only a
few ounces and does a great job powering my K1 for only $6.50

HP-2 Stereo Headphones - very light and with Bass Boost so they sound good on
CW only $2

Might I also commend: BK-4 Pocket Reference Book. I have never seen
anything like this. It has everything. Calculate air velocity in a pipe,
look up the area code for Fiji, battery capacity, wire current capacities,
voltage drop vs,. wire size, load factors for joists, geometric and
electronic formulas - I can't possibly describe it all. $9.95

I am not related to this company in anyway. I just thought the products
might be of interest to QRPers.

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Craig Buck
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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