Re: [TMPS] 30m RFI problem solved


From: Steve Yates - AA5TB (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 08:56:01 CST

Hi Chuck,

I too have had many problems with noisy monitors. Here is a temporary
solution in case you aren't aware of it...

I have found that most computers will allow you to adjust the vertical scan
rate and this will move the HF frequency at which the emission occurs.
Therefore, you may be able to go into your "display properties" and change
the vertical scan rate and put the RFI on some unused frequency. If the
video adapter is rather old you may not have too many (if any) v-frequency
options but it is worth looking into. Of course, as far as the computer
user is concerned, the higher the vertical frequency the better (less
flicker) as long as you don't exceed the monitor manufacture's
specifications or run into strange video effects. The system (Windows 9x at
least) will usually allow you to easily go back to the old setting if things
don't work quite right.

Steve Yates - AA5TB
Fort Worth, TX - EM12gs

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