My MS-15 works... Time for a Brewski


From: Jim Thiessen (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 21:09:32 CST

Today I wound 3 more toroids and installed them on the MS-15 to complete the
on-board parts installation. That took a bit of time...toroids require
Then I added the stuff external to the board, 10 turn pot, volume control,
jacks, cables etc.....and plugged it in for the heat test.
No smoke, thank goodness!
Peaked T1 and bingo, I hear CW...the Rx works.
Next its time to smoke test the TX.... Sidetone works...but nothing at all
heard on my ICOM735.
Turned up the power control and started tweaking and peaking...yes we have a
The scope shows 44 V peak to peak into the 50 ohm dummy load...whats that?
about 5 watts? Wow! Will someone check my math?

I Connect it back on to the Gap Challanger antenna and I hear AA7TJ calling
CQ, so I give him a shout. Will wonders ever cease, he comes back to me and
gives me a 459 report from Boise Idaho...

You gotta love it when a project comes together and works right off the bat.
Time for that great Canadian tradition: grab a brewski out of the fridge and

Many thanks to Steve "Melt Solder" Weber, KD1JV, for a very nice kit.

Jim, VA3KV
Rockland Ontario

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