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From: Dan W. Dooley (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 11:34:39 CST

It also has a lot to do with the radio and your "acceptance" of the sound.
Curious as it seems, or maybe it's just so in my case.

My Drake B line is not real quiet when the relay makes and breaks. My Icom
706 on the other hand has a much quieter relay. Guess which one I object
too the most?

Right. The 706. The Drake is *supposed* to sound like that. The much
newer Icom being solid state, I think should be quieter. No, I don't try it
in full QSK. Hate that clicking relay, even in semi.

Funny the way we are about some things.

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> I once had a current model radio, that also made quite a racket from the
> relay. Frankly, being from the "Old School", I did not notice it as I
> operate "Semi break-in", whereas you only need put up with the noise for
> occurrences. (Once at the transition from receive to transmit and vice
> versa).
> I say I did not notice it as my training included throwing a switch from
> receive to transmit, precluding any possibility of break-in operation,
> or otherwise. I can still remember the very first time I used full
> where it was actually enjoyable ie., quiet and seamless. My Friend Gody
> AC6UV, had brought his Sierra to our club function. That..., changed my
> operation style. But only to the point of decreasing the delay time to
> monitoring the frequency between sentences, or longer pauses. It is hard
> train this old dog to use new tricks. :-)
> However, the point is, if you don't mind excluding FULL break-in from your
> operations, a noisy t/r relay can be tolerable.
> Roger KD6CC

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