w/r ant I tried


From: hamjoel@juno.com
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 20:43:33 CST

High y'all ...
        well I tried...we had two feet of new sneaux today and I tried sloshing
around in it but soon gave up... I didnt have a new rod and reel so I
tried tieing string to a big rocket... well kinda big...
and I aimed the thing up at the tree but my string kept burning in two...
I also found out the rockets I got tend to blow up when they finish going
        sure looked pretty... and I did get the string ovah the tree... way
ovah... and never whare I wanted it... so I gave up and had a rocket war
with some kids in the neighborhood... made a little , actuall big enough
for me to get in... is big.... sneaux fort... and we did battle with the
little penny rockets... I was doing pretty gud till one of the guys put a
rocket in my bag of rockets... u kneaux they pop at the end and evidently
will light a bag full of rockets when they blow...
        Got me some splinters whare it makes it difficult to set myself down in
a chair.... the xyl is pulling them out for me... when she can stop
laughing long enough... Folk claimed I jumped six feet ovah the wall of
my fort when I decided to beat a hasty retreat...sure feels funny with
one of them little rocket pushing up against ur hinnie and u kneaux its
gonna blow... in a coupla seconds.... got some holy blue jeans now....
bunch of little burn marks too... course I settled in the sneaux right
off and kept from getting blistered or anything...
        then the kids made me sign a surrender sheet for them... officially
giving them the victory....so I'm back in the house doing some slow scan
on twenty meters...Tomorrow I'll stash my rockets in morn one place and
wear my wet suit bottom just in case...
        meantime I got sum other ant ideas....
y'll be nice
& happy new year
ke1la joel
in maine
rideing rockets meaux or less
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