SKN: Blister n' Bandaid


From: K7FD/N7SG (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 13:37:02 CST

Grabbed the ol' J-38 and practiced a lil' last night w/ the NC40a. Sent CQ
til I was Norcal blue in the face...only to notice I was developing a nice
blister where one of my fingers was gripping the sharp edge of the knob!
Doesn't take long rub a hole through ya'...

Already hearing lots of action on the bands in anticipation of SKN! Heard
Bill WA7TQK fine tuning his homebrew key this morning on 20m...

....could be quite a turnout for SKN this year. Hope to catch you on 40m at
the 0000z starting bell...then tomorrow on the high bands. If I have any
fingers left...

72 es HNY, John K7FD

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