From: Brian (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 13:11:06 CST

Wow...last night on 40m I heard KC7XH way in the background on 7040,
mixed in with the QRM and all the QRN. I was running my NC40A with
straight key and an almost dead battery. Output looked to be about

Anyway, I called back to him and he sent QRZ? a couple of
I sent UP 2 UP 2 a few times and he sent back QSL.

So up we went, and had a great QSO. He was in Helena MT and I am in
central Indiana. Looks like maybe 1200 MPW off the attic dipole and
almost dead battery. He said the NC40A was doing FB and had a good
solid 459 signal.

Once again I am reminded of how nice a rig this NC40A is.

I have my straight key ready and looking forward to tonight after a
gallon of white russians, some homemade cherry wine, couple of rolling
rocks, pork roast, kraut, and perhaps a few White Castles.

72 everyone and have a safe and happy new year!!

 KB9BVN NORCAL 2792 FISTS 5695 QRP-L 1540 QRP-ARCI 10223
       39.558 N   86.095 W   Johnson Co., Indiana
   GRID: EM69WN - Ten Tec Scout - Attic Dipole - 5w
  Member of the American Radio Relay League - SOC #400
  FISTS Century Club #764/#24 QRP - Flying PIG QRP #-57

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