RAC Winter Contest + Winter With-in.


From: Bruce Rattray (rattray@gpfn.sk.ca)
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 11:06:01 CST

It was another most enjoyable way to spend my time again doing the RAC
Winter contest..."Time well spent!"
....I was mainly in it to test out the contest software my son Scott & I
worked on to bring out a new updated version of the fine program
originated by Paul Cassel, VE3SY in 1993, I believe.

Another reason I was in the contest again was to help kick-off
QRP-Canada's "Winter With-in" contest for qrp operators. As it stands,
RAC's QRP category for the Winter contest (Summer as well) is far from an
even playing field. You can compete for the QRP plaque with a battery
powered rig, a commercial rig, a dipole, an antenna farm, single
op, multiple ops, etc...all the qrpers are lumped into the one category.

The "Winter With-in" is our first attempt to even the field and to
recognize special qrp efforts using the RAC contest as the "vehicle"... so
please post your qrp experiences so the panel of judges can award
Certificates of Recognition....again, this has nothing official to do with
the RAC Winter contest; although it might lead to a more even field in
the near future?....:-)) ...heh,heh,heh ...

I'm hoping that as QRPers we might entertain the thought of lobbying RAC
to even out the QRP category somewhat eh? Good idea, bad idea?
....maybe have a single op division (5W) and a multi-op division (5W)?...
I'd like to see some of the regular multi-op QRO stations lower their
power and compete for a multi-op, multi-band QRP plaque...actually we
don't even need plaques....certificates would be fine....I think the main
thing is for the competing stations, especially, to see the printed
results in TCA and on the RAC web page, which includes QRP-Canada pages...
this could be a LOT of fun for everyone!...please let us all know how you
feel baout this....

....I worked a little DX (off North America) this time so I'm hoping G0JJQ
and others made contacts this time around...I heard Brian, K7RE, three
times and chased him but it was not to be I guess...everytime he was in
search/pounce mode and I couldn't get his attention in the pileup...
darn...I don't know why he wasn't announcing the freq he was going to
every time he moved eh!?!....HAR!....from his e-mail he was having the
same luck as I had in contacting each other... ;-)
....the "Winter With-in" reports are starting to be posted...thanks
Jeff...so we're looking for more of course....just tell us how it went and
your operating conditions, equipment, Murphy or not, etc...

.....many, many sincere thanks to RAC for providing us with these 2
contests every year.....Happy New Year RAC!
...72/73 - Bruce (VE5RC+VE5QRP) QRP-C#1 QRP-L#886 ARCI#9683 Zombie#272
          A-1 Operator Club - 10/10# 944 - SOC #11 & #12 - Whiner#10 -
          "QRP! How sweet it is!" oo#148 "I am da man wit "DAH" paddle!"

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