Problems with RX in NorCal 40A


From: Shelly Somerville (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 18:47:19 CST

I have just completed the NorCal 40A and have an annoying chatter in the
audio. It sounds like a relay closing and with elementary signal
tracing I have tracked the symptom back to the BFO. The power supply I
am using is just under 15 volts, and all the voltages come close to
those given for the test points in the manual. I can reduce the
chatter by activating the AGC, but only if the AGC is turned back to
give poor audio, also reducing the audio gain on the board helps.
While testing on a dummy load the chatter does not occur.

This evening I will try 1) reducing the supply voltage, and 2) more
signal tracing.

Other info, Tx seems fine, I was able to have a QSO, abt 150 miles with
a 579 report, however it was tough copying for me. Tx also seems fine
through my TS520S.

Any ideas?

73 John VE7CFG

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