More milliwatts today, day 2 de NQ5RP


From: Jim Hale (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 21:30:32 CST

To start off I removed as much ice from the PW-1 and
its 4 radials. Smashed the 1/2" of ice from the ladder
steps, and cleaned off the coil, coax connection, and
stinger. Freezing fog in the night deposited that.

Plus an additional and fatal coating to my 2 el 3 band
quad on the 70ft tower. Two spreaders are finished,
but if we dont get more ice maybe some of it will
survive. I used aircraft aluminum on this re-build, &
it stood up to an amazing amount of ice. But a second
day and night of freezing rain/fog broke it.

I made 6 contacts, including NQ9RP 100mW, N4SO 900mW,
WA3PTY 700mW, WE9W 200mW, KG4BIG 5w, N4UY with 20mW,
and WQ4RP at 500mW.

Just for fun, N4SO and I did the QRPp Limbo and I went
down to 20mW and he copied me still. Dosnt count for
the contest, but we just did it for fun.

Tomorrow is the final day, hope to hear some more of

Jim KJ5TF (NQ5RP trustee)
"All Milliwatts, All The Time"

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