tuner/wattmeter question


From: n2go@arrl.net
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 16:00:15 CST

A post was made suggesting a wattmeter before and after the tuner to
measure loss....

My understanding of wattmeters is that they require a 50 ohm load to be
anywhere near accurate. It seems that when people measure their output
with a wattmeter, the numbers they get would be different depending on the
load impedance of their antenna.

Even if hams have the same wattmeter they would be getting different
results at their location with different antennas. Could this be why some
250millawatt signals appear louder than others or is it just
propagation? :))

Has anyone experimented with different impedances and noted the error
introduced by impedances other than 50 ohms.

My antenna is currently a horizontal vertical that blew down :)
until it stops snowing for two days in a row here. The Yaesu antenna tuner
is good...but not *that* good...

It already snowed more to date than all of last year in Buffalo. Looks
like a 200+ inch winter to me... (snow inches that is)

                                Jim n2go

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