Contest: QRPDUPE RAC Version Now Available


From: Brian Kassel (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 18:45:34 CST


  The latest and greatest version of QRPDUPE, which includes the
upcoming Canadian RAC contest has been uploaded to my WEB page at:

If you download and use this free program, here are a few notes:

There are 2 RAC contests to select from:
RAC (Non-VE) is for use by stations outside of Canada
RAC (VE) is for use by stations in Canada.
Two selections are provided as, the exchange is different for each

If you decide to work a non-VE station, you must type NO in place of the
SPC entry. This is because non-VE stations do NOT count as a
multiplier, only 2 QSO points are allotted. Hey this IS a Canadian
contest after all ;)

As each mode in each band is considered a separate band for scoring
purposes, a station can be worked on each band in both Phone and CW, and
the program logs and dupes accordingly for this contest.

The intellisense feature will turn red if the station is worked on
either mode though. I didn't want to change the code for this one
contest. If you only work Phone, or CW, it will work properly. If you
happen to work the same call sign on the same band, but on two different
modes, the intellisense will turn red. This DOES NOT EFFECT the proper
operation of the duping or the logging, however, ONLY the Intellisense
feature, and ONLY in the situation as described.

The Grid will display each province worked, on each band, in each mode.
As only Canadian Provinces are scored, here is a little trick that I
found works very well.
After having brought up the main logging window, decrease the right hand
side of that window a bit. Move the Grid window into the open space.
Now use your mouse to close up the grid window so that only the Canadian
Province column is shown. The grid will display each of the 13
Provinces and Territories as worked or not worked on that Band and mode.

As always, please report any problems to me at:

I did a lot of testing this time, but hey, I'm only 1 guy. Have fun.

Brian K7RE

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