Re: MS-15 kit, Drift problems


From: Steve Bauder (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 18:28:33 CST

Hi Steve:

Great news! Thanks for passing it along. I've been beating my head
against the wall trying to diagnose the drift problem. Seems like I even
shorted D2 at one point, but can't remember the results. I have plenty
of air variable caps, so I'll probably just substitute one to get rid of
the drift if getting rid of D2 doesn't do the trick. Any idea for a
source for those cute little vernier dials?

I came across another problem when trying to diagnose the drift problem.
Output power drops by 2 or 3 dB in prolonged transmissions (at least
mine did). Turns out a small heatsink on the driver transistor (Q3)
cured it. Nice simple fix.

I've been having a blast with the little rig! Worked lots of DX, and
today had my first ms15 to ms15 qso with Peter, AK3X. And he was mobile!
We ragchewed for half an hour or so.

Thanks for a great rig!

Steve, NX9Z

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