Milliwatt Contest Day 2 de AL7FS


From: Jim Larsen AL7FS (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 18:10:39 CST

Greetings from Alaska.

Well, it was a tough day on 10 meters. Everything considered I am ok
with the day. That brings my totals for the first two days up to 10
QSOs. Here is what I managed to work.

n0rsv MN
w0lk AR
n7xv CA
k9yt WI
k5oi NM
kb7ww OR More on this in a second.
n4roa VA
k6iii CA

Art, KB7WW, and I went at it for 20 minutes trying to complete a contest
QSO. I had everything but his power. I finally just logged him as a
good QSO but not for the contest. Not 25 minutes later he was solid
copy and we banged out a quick QSO. Thanks for that first effort, Art.

On the other hand, I had the beam East all day until 2335Z. As soon as
I turned it West, there was N4ROA. There was big QSB but we finished in
rapid order. I really wonder how we did that. Was it the signal off
the back of the beam but taking off at a different angle? Or was it
some weird round the world sort of thing. I will have to get out my
globe and take a look. Thanks, Dan.

The lowest power worked today was KB7WW. Art was running 100 mW. N4ROA
and W0LK were running 250 mW and K5OI and I were big guns at 500 mW.

One more day. It is later in the day so perhaps more of you will be
on. 20 and 15 meters were not much use up here today. I did check from
time to time with no luck.

73, Jim
Jim Larsen, AL7FS, Anchorage, Alaska
(BP51cc) - 61.101 North, 149.824 West

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