K1 30 meter band module question


From: Chuck Adams, K7QO (k7qo@primenet.com)
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 16:03:22 CST


Just received today my parts for the 30 meter band for the
K1 band module. This is the rig that I bought in October at

OK, parts installed except for C18. The parts have a 10pF
cap and the parts list shows 4.7 or 5pF. Elecraft home
page has no errata and their office is closed. HELP. :-)

Anyone got a 30 meter module and can tell me what C18 is?
I could experiment but I don't have the time. Busy writing
up the IA QRP 10 web page stuff and just took a quick break
to build this so I could listen to 30 meters while typing.
I don't want to put it together, align, and then remove....

I'm going after 30 meters with a vengeance pretty quick like we did
during TEMPS a few years ago. Listen for me there every day
and night until the band closes daily. Forty meters only for foxhunts
and late late nights.

Thanks in advance.

Oh. It's Dec 27, 2000 2159UTC (Wednesday I think) and someone should have me
an answer within the hour. Don't bother after that unless
you feel you have the definitive answer and I've asked again.

FYI es dit dit

Chuck Adams, K7QO
Prescott, AZ k7qo@primenet.com

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