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From: Brendan Minish (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 15:15:35 CST

At 12:59 27/12/2000 -0700, Paul Harden, NA5N wrote:

>4. Now transmit, keydown, and monitor your SWR meter, tuning again the
> TRANSMIT and ANTENNA controls for the lowest possible SWR. Obviously
> 1:1 is ideal ... 1.5:1 or less should be achieved.

PLEASE move to a clear frequency before actually transmitting and tune with
the lowest power setting that will give you an SWR reading.

Tune only for short periods of time (so that you can listen for anyone
asking you to stop.) I have had many QSO's seriously interfered and in some
cases completely lost by careless tuner uppers.

An MFJ SWR analyzer makes a great tool for silent tuning and also for
learning how to use a tuner without upsetting anyone, see if you can borrow
one for a day or two.

Once you are tuned, write down the ATU settings to speed up tuning the next

  Brendan Minish EI6IZ
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