Re: TL082 14pin?


From: Paul Harden, NA5N (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 14:51:26 CST

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Ed Kessler wrote:
> I am planning to build the W1FB active audio filter (p. 69 in the QRP
> Notebook) and ordered the board from Far Circuits. The circuit uses 14 pin
> TL082s.
> Does a 14 pin version exist? Is there a typo in the QRP Notebook's
> circuit? What's up?

I just looked at several of our "TI Linear Data Books" and master
cross references, and I see NO references to a 14-pin version EVER being
available. For the thru-hole types, only the 8-pins are made. The
TL082's are a dual op-amp in the 8 pins.

I'll try to remember tonight to look at Doug's QRP Notebook for the
14-pin reference you cite. If he does say that, it is clearly a

Incidentally, the "TL" devices are originally the Texas Instruments
line with "T" for TI and the "L" meaning their Linear series, for those
who wonder what the heck the "TL" means (as opposed to "LM" or

72, Paul NA5N

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