From: Patrick McVey (mcveyp.MOHAVE@narbha.com)
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 13:02:25 CST

What's the tuning procedure?
Excuse me if my mental fly is open. I'm a proud, card-carrying newbie and I have another newbie question. Let me qualify that. I've been a Tech Plus for 6 years and have only done 2-meter phone on the local, open repeater, N7SKO, 146.760. I've been torturing a 40m QRP xcvr kit for quite some time. Its built, somewhat calibrated and I'm on to the next phases...bench ground/tuner/antenna height/QSO. I've had lots of help from qrp-l and Internet Elmers (Bisbee Bob) and I hope to pass along this knowledge some day. Here's my proposal: I don't have a tuner but I'm gonna get one. In my research, I can't find anything that really explains how to use it. Even "Now You're Talking" & "ARRL General License" gloss over the tuning steps. I've also taken a look at several such as the MFJ tuner, the Norcal BLT (I like the kit aspects of that one) and a DeMaw design on a Japanese qrp webpage. I've grasped the balanced & unbalanced connections. And, I've got the garden variety Radio Shack SWR/power meter, dummy load and a bizarro, almost halfwave dipole on the roof. What's the tuning procedure? I'm looking for Step 1,2,3.
The tuners I've looked at have three knobs; Transmitter - Inductor - Antenna and some switches. If it helps, I was contemplating on sending away for a Norcal BLT. Perhaps if I had some help specific to that tuner.
Sincere thanks,
Patrick, KC7AIR
Kingman, Arizona

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