Fox and CC&R's


From: Ron, KU7Y (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 20:45:14 CST

Hi All,

Just a little observation......

When I had that Force 12 on the 85' tower, if I called the Fox more than 3
or 4 times using 250 mW and didn't get him, I would go look to see if the
antenna was still there.

Now, running the full 5w into the High Sierra Screwdriver mounted on the RV,
if I even get the Fox I do the happy dance! Wheeeeee.....I got another Fox

And the real thing that is wrong with CC&R's is that they
limit/restrict/prohibit anything! What ever happened to owning your own
property or freedom?? Now if your lot is so small that your tower can fall
on your neighbors house/yard, then they have a right to stop you. :-)

See how easy life is when you don't let the facts get in your way?

OK, back in my hole.....

cul, Ron KU7Y
Full time RVing somewhere in the West!
(Currently near Quartzsite, AZ)

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