Another coincidental sailor story


Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 09:53:25 CST


Funny thing. I got an email from one of the listers who had visited my
new ham radio web pages (yeah, they're up -- 'cept for the history ones
'cause they's the most complex). He was on the USS Saratoga same time I

Which got me thinkin': There's a USNRA (US Navy Radioman's Association).
I wonder how many of 'em is hams & if they have some kind of on-the-air
gathering. And then I wonder if there's anything like a contest for old
salt sparks what might be QRPish.

Like I got time to think about this stuff or something. As in: "Like I
got time to organize something like this, even."

Like a couple days ago on 40m CW I had a one-after-'nother Q with three
guys runnin' or interested in whatever radio I had on the air at the
time. (I started out on the '2020 but switched to the K2 when it was
obvious that I was gonna have to use serious filters just to hang on.)
John (W9BYN), Leo (K3MZY), and George (W3ANX) each was interested in the
QRP thing. George, I think it was (lost the sheets of paper what I'd
copied the important stuff onto), had his K2 on the air. So we did one of
those K2-K2 Qs. Short 'cause I had to get on the gift wrapping work party
what Cindy (the CO) had called away.

Either I ain't gettin' on the air often enough to have such interesting
coincidences or I ain't getting on the air often enough when everybody
else is.

Maybe I should get on the air right now . . .


Nils R. Bull Young -- El Gringo Errante -- La Estancia de los Guajolotes
Sonrientes -- W8IJN --
"In MY day we had to FIGHT to have earphones! Every DAY was a STRUGGLE!"
                                  -- Comrade Nikolai Sergeievich
McTovarishov, 19 Oct 1917

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