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Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 08:10:02 CST

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> I know of no legal way to circumvent CC&Rs once they attach themselves
> to a property. They are just like the property lines on the ground -
> part of the deal.

Here in Las Vegas the Home Owner Associations have gotten together at their
regular meetings, voted on and changed their CC&R. They did this as the
developer had moved on and they were now in charge of their CC&Rs. They run
their neighborhood with the zeal of a prison camp commander. Sad place to

A few have tested the CC&Rs out here in court. Some have been successful and
creating compromises in their favor. Others were told by the judge, "you
bought the CC&Rs when you signed the papers, live with it or move."

In the past people bought houses in the country clubs to get cheaper golf
rates. Here in Nevada we have an organization doing the same for gun owners.
If you like to shoot and have use of many shooting ranges you can buy into
their, "shooting club".
Why not do this for Ham radio?

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