Holiday Milliwatt


From: Dan Wolfe (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 07:03:04 CST

Howdy all,

Man! These milliwatt contests are sure a blast. The contacts are
not many but it sure is a big challenge to work with the low stuff.
That's what makes it so much fun I guess. Every contact is a very
memorable event. We do need more participation though.

W7ZOI, ole Wes, turned out to be my first contact after a late start.
The most fun during the event was with K0ZK, Arn. He was at 5W and I
at 50mw on the initial contact. He was amazed at my power level and
signal so asked if I could go lower. I turned down to 20mw and still
he had good copy. I think he may have been in doubt as he said wait
and heard him turning down his power. He sent back 50mw and was good
copy. I think he may try lower power now. hee hee I did not count the
20mw contact.

Pickin' was kinda slim until NQ9RP, Jerry, and NQ5RP,Jim, ole mille-watt
himself, showed up in the last 10 minutes. Jerry was at
500mw and Jim at 100mw. That brought my score up form nothing. hee hee

I will be in there again today. Too much fun to miss out on. Please
jump in a few minutes and give it a try. See you on the bands. Have

72..Dan, N4ROA

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