psk20 almost ready for initial test


From: bob evinger (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 22:55:12 CST

Christmas morning brought me a PSK-20 and my Shanghaied warbler.
I decided to do the PSK-20 first, Just finished getting all the
parts soldered in. It probably took me somewhere around 7 hours
to get to this point over 2 days.

Time for bed. tomorrow I do a second visual check before trying
the alignment.

I had a few missing parts. all 4 4.7k resistors(found some in my
parts bin) and one 47pf cap(which required a trip to town since
I couldnt find one in my drawers). Oddly enough, when I got done I had
extra components. 4 2.2k resistors and a 330 pf cap.

Other than the parts, assembly was a breeze. I was concerned about
winding the toroids, but it turned out pretty easy.

with fingers crossed 72

Bob Evinger   WD9EKA      Marshall, Illinois 
If Guns Cause Crime, Then Matches Cause Arson.

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