FOX: preliminary count 12/5


From: Dan Presley (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 02:13:11 CST

Well hounds-quite a skirmish! I have a preliminary count of 93 hounds-I
was hoping to break 100, but a combination of digital qrm, qrn, and balky
buttons on my cmos keyer combined to slow it all down a bit. The pace
really fell off towards the end, but those east coasters who hung in got
through as the band went long. Once in a while my keyer would hang up
before spitting out the exchange which caused some confusion for the
hounds-'should they wait, or send reports?'.So if they started to send I
would usually let it go and then follow with my report and then try to get
back on track. Also, with the keyer hanging up I might skip your call at
the end of the exchange, but nobody got too thrown off-after all, in a dx
pileup you get your call sent only the first time. I tried to send calls at
the start and end to keep everyone happy and moving along. Anyway, thanks
for the fun and I'll see you again in January hopefully from a big 'antenna
farm'! I will post a log very shortly.
PS-I got some honest reports like "339", "549" and even a "229", so I know
guys were working hard.

Dan Presley-N7CQR-Portland, Or QRP-L #502

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