PSK: Digipan and WINpsk


From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 21:42:21 EST

I have an "slow, under-ram-equipped" 486 (66mHz and 16mb) and have tried both
software programs. So far, it seems that WINpsk handles my slow computer's
shortcomings better. If you are not running the recommended 100mHz Pentium +
32mb Ram in the ham shack, you might consider WINpsk (also freeware, and also
linked on ).

PSK31 is a terrific mode. Even if you don't have the interface -- but you do
have a computer with a soundcard and can come up with a patch cord connecting
your rig's audio output to the soundcard's LINE input, you can listen in and
copy some of the fun!

Download the free software, load it, set your rig on USB and tune the receiver
to 3,579.500 kHz and see for yourself.

73/72 de alan

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA ,

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