Using QRP-Dupe to key


From: Karl F. Larsen (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 12:28:34 EST

        I'm finally getting the CW sending part of QRP-Dupe working. Of
course no-one mentions you need to build a simple interface between pin 4
of your com port plug and the key lead from your radio.

        I'm using the circuit shown for the pk-31 rig keyer in the help
pages of Digipan any version. It's a pnp transistor, a diode and 1

        I will write to the author of QRP-Dupe and make him aware of this
problem. So if your planning to use QRP-Dupe and the keying circuit you
better get to Radio Shack and get a 2n2222 a 2.4k ohm resistor and a
"signal" diode and a small box to put it in. Also get a plug with wire
that will connect to your radio's cw plug.

        This is worth the work. The cw keyer built into QRP-Dupe is really

Yours Truly,

           - Karl F. Larsen, (505) 524-3303 -

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