Re: Tube Receivers


From: Brad Hernlem (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 17:01:12 EST

Davies, Doug A ( asks:

>Does anyone know of a source for schematics for one or two tube receivers
>that use parts that are available today? I am trying to come up with a
>group building project for our club. Most of the old schematics use parts
>that are no longer available. I will need both the schematics and parts
>lists. Thanks in advance for any help.

>Doug VA7DD

There are quite a lot of places to find such schematics but I am not sure
about the "parts that are available today" bit. See for example:

It seems to me that if you can get tubes (which are generally not
"available today") then you can get the other parts too. The trouble
with all this is that you either have to pay the high price for
catalog ready availability (or compete on E-Bay or the like) or just
scrounge parts as they come your way.

Many things can be improvised (e.g. coils or even variable caps) in
the worst case. The Glowbugs list is an excellent resource for such


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