Re: Apologies: W0MC Cub Fox Failure...


From: Karl F. Larsen (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 08:27:15 EST

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Jerry McCollom W0MC wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Well, looks like my mobile fox attempt is/was a dismal failure. After an
> hour and a half with only one very weak contact, I figure that my mobile
> setup is just not getting out, so I came in to send out this e-mail.
> My station is top notch -- a K1 and an MP-1 mobile antenna -- and I even
> tested it a few nights ago from Colorado with fine success. However,
> perhaps because of either my position or because I did *NOT* bring an
> antenna analizer, and instead relied upon my mark on the antenna and my
> seeing max power out, I just do not seem to be getting out. Maybe the
> rental car is not as good a ground plane as my car at home. Maybe I left
> the mojo at home. For whatever reason, my fox round here seems to have been
> in vain.
> After 25 minutes (on 7045) with only a single, very weak contact, I did a
        At least most Hounds were looking for the Cub Fox on 7140-50 KHz.
You did put out that you were going to be on 7045 KHz so I looked there
but didn't hear you.

        That's a good assumption. I don't know anything about your mobile
antenna but if the rig was doing all the right things it must have been
the antenna tuning. The shape of the car effects the tuning of the antenna
big time on a low frequency like 40 meters. The marked point on your own
vehical might be dead wrong when mounted on the rental. You need to bring
along at least a swr bridge. I seem to recall the K2 has one built in.
Maybe not but it's necessary to have one on a transistor rig so they
should bring it out. A field srength meter is good for mobile tuning and
they are small.

Yours Truly,

           - Karl F. Larsen, (505) 524-3303 -

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