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From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 02:03:21 EST

It is tough! And I'm running a Force 12 antenna with 2 elements on each band
10-15-20-40. I was able to hold 10M and 15M fone frequencies when calling CQ
for a while, but couldn't hold the freq on either 20M or 40M. After about 2-3
hours of working the contest and about 50 QSOs, I HAVE NOT WORKED A SINGLE Q
STATION. Although I did hear 2 other Q stations working S and P. There isn't
going to be much in the way of 'running of the bulls' this time.

Many of you probably aren't contestors --- but it would be great if you'd make a
showing Sunday on the 10-15m bands and call some of us to put at least a few Q's
in the logs.

At this rate it would seem there aren't a lot of Phone contest entries on QRP
..... not much chance of beating the B-category (over 150W) entries in total
numbers (I have worked a lot of B's already).

BTW -- if you were in the CW contest two weeks ago and have not sent in a log
yet -- please do so. I sent mine in this week and got back an automated
acknowledgement telling me my ''entry number'' is 552 (which I presume means 551
people sent in logs ahead of me).

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA ,

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