which PIC programmer?


From: Robert McAtee (w5tnj@camalott.com)
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 20:14:19 EDT

Amen Mike, but I'm pretty sure I paid a little over $200 for mine a couple
years ago.... It's first class. ==Mac== AG5F, Abilene, TX.

Mike wrote:

Well, if you're going with one chip, or one type of chip, some of them
you can build simple interfaces to do. This is great if for example you
pick )no pun intended!) up a bunch of 'flash' PICs all of one type.

But when I was doing some PIC stuff with the 12C508, I used the
'PIC Start Plus' programmer right from MicroChip. It really works
great. Forget what it runs, I think over $100, but it was worth the
money. And I can do any of the PICs I can get my hands on.


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