Joy in Yankee country


Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 23:41:53 EDT

High y'all
        I decided to actually do some operating tonight and cranked up the qrp++
to 4. sumthin watts and checked into the 40mtr 3905 century club net...
        I have four contacts so far .... (ssb) I haven't used the qrp++ in a
while,however I have been leaving it on to keep the moisture out....
        Forty meters is funny tonight however I did get a 55 and 57 report...and
a 33 and 22... seems I can copy signals bettern most up heah with the
three wire beam.... I put the program spectrogram on the audio output of
the qrp++ and messed with the bandwidth.... sure helps to get the cw
signals into the middle of the passband....
        I've been thinking of building a radio bench, of sorts, into the canoe
this winter and maybe I can get a decent ant in the canoe for twenty
fifteen and ten meters... the canoe is not aluminum... so I can't use it
as a ground plane... sure would be neat to operate ssb vox while
fishing... I had my two meter hand held set up in the kayak for a
while... however the antenna was a bit low for most repeaters in the
area.... however I sure did have fun with it....
        by the way.... checking into the cc net (and they have one on forty and
eighty and cw, ssb, rtty..) using qrp sure turns some heads... I did a
few thousand miles per watt contacts on the net and had a certificate
sent to the op on the other end.... and do they apreciate it.... I get
comments all the time on the net.... and now there are a number of qrp
        a good opportunity to spread the word... u might think about it... the
cw net would apeal to a lot of u and rtty and I think they might be
starting a psk31 net also....
        listen in on 7.233.5 at 0000Z sometimes and see what u think....
ke1la joel
poor cajun lad in maine
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