Rigblaster vs homebrew


From: ArtP721466@aol.com
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 21:51:34 EDT

Hi Guys and Gals:

I thought Rigblaster was a bit over the top too UNTIL I talked with a friend
who has one.

It can be configured for a number of different rigs just by changing jumpers.
 Something my one rig only cable can't do.

It comes with a wide variety of digital mode software, some of it definitely
NOT free if you get it elsewhere. Always wanted to try some of those

Sure. You can buy a QRP Rig with lots of bells and whistles or you can roll
your own from parts. Same with PSK-31 interfaces.

Seems to me the point is operating and enjoying the contacts with whatever
gets you there.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Art Paton
QRP ARCI 10377

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