wire/rope ant


From: hamjoel@juno.com
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 20:51:44 EDT

may high y'all
        it's me again Margarett... (she was my pet gator in la.)
For those of u what can't read fast I is gonna rite this slow for ya...
        I gots me an antenna problem.... actually a bee problem.... seems some
of these little buggers done set up residence in a tree directly under my
ant....and they got a house like a southern mansion... I stopped counting
at um-teen hundred flying outta the nest one morning....
        back to the antenna... I wants to point the antenna towards europe for
the winter... which means I gotta let the whole thing down and get all
four elements facing the opposite direction... it's a 40, 20 mtr beam....
the wire is gonna fall right in the tree with the big bee home....and a
population about that of ny city...
        anybodies kneaux how to got them bees outta the tree without human
sacrifice??? The nest is about 7ft off the ground....in a young fir tree.
ke1la joel
in maine
bee-ing afraid...
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