Re: Antennas For Limited Spaces/Antenna Publications


From: Bob Tellefsen (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 18:50:08 EDT

You can easily bring 300-ohm twinlead in through the gap at the edge of the
window frame.
If the window tries to press too hard on the twinlead, protect it with a
layer of black plastic electrical tape. Run the twinlead through the window
so that the wires are 90 degrees from the metal. This minimizes the metal
in the near field of the twinlead.

I live in a house with aluminum siding, and bring my twinlead in through a
small hole in the siding. I've seen no noticeable effect from this. As
long as the wires are at right angles to the metal, there will be no
unbalance due to this.

73, Bob N6WG

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