QRP Afield W7TAO


From: Bruce Grubbs (n7ceeqrp@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 11:06:02 EDT

W7TAO QRP Afield 2000

Operators: Scott Hogin K7DHF, Bruce Grubbs N7CEE

Location: Saddle Mountain, 8,880 feet, Coconino National Forest, Arizona
(about 20 miles north of Flagstaff), DM45dk.

Contacts: 66

Soapbox: We couldn't have asked for better weather at our favorite field
contest location. Temps were in the 70's and the air was calm- pretty
unusual for a 9,000 foot peak in mid-September. The station consisted of my
K2 with ATU and a PK-3 keyer, powered by a 3 AH gel cell and a 5 watt solar
panel, and running 5 watts out. The antenna farm included a DK9SQ 40m
vertical fed with twin lead, and a 137 foot end fed wire set up as an
inverted L, with 66 foot counterpoise. Both antennas were fed through 4:1
baluns. As accurately predicted by Paul Harden, the workhorse band was 20
meters, which accounted for nearly all our contacts. We did make a few
QSO's on 40 and 15. When we went on the air at 1800Z, there seemed to be
little activity, so we started CQing, a technique we continued thoughout
the 'test, even though activity picked up. The band was up and down, with
few signals above S1, and it usually took 3 or 4 CQ's to snag a contact.
Being able to switch antennas instantly (thanks to the K2 autotuner) was a
great help in copying the weak ones. We had a great time!

Thanks to NN1G for doing all the work on this one!

Bruce N7CEE

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