Attic Antenna that works ! But you can use it outside too !


From: Rick McKee (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 08:45:18 EDT

Use a piece of 1'' PVC pipe as long as possible to fit in your attic (you
can use 2 or 3 pieces with couplers if you cant get the longer piece to
go in - just assemble it in the attic) just make it as long as possible !
 Now measure and mark the center of the pipe. From the center, wind at
least 1/2 wave of wire (insulated 22 ga will work for qrp) for the lowest
band of interest on each side (like a helically wound dipole). Make a
capacity hat on each end out of insulated 12 ga house wire
 ( 2 wires abt 1' long criss crossed to make an X) and connrct this to
the ends of the windings on each end. Feed it at the center with 300 ohm
twinlead, 450 ohm ladderline, or a shielded twinlead made from 2 sections
of RG58 taped together side by side with the shields connected together
and grounded at the shack end (each center conductor going to the dipole
halves). Now hang the thing up as high as possible under the peak of the
roof using 20 pound monofilament fishing line in several places along
it's length making sure the antenna isn't touching anything. Route the
feedline to a balanced tuner or to a 4:1 balun and a tuner ( I recommend
the balun designed by Doug Demaw, W1FB, that is wound on 1'' PVC pipe.
Find it in the 1996 ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook on page 22.61). This
balun uses no ferrite to saturate and cause TVI !! Hope this helps
someone !

\ / cap. hat
cap. hat \ /
 \/ winding winding
 /\ H
/ \ H
                    / \
                                               H twinlead feedline
                                               H any length needed
                                             [[[]]] 4:1 balun & coax to
tuner or
                                             [[[]]] balanced tuner,
then coax to
                                             [[[]]] transciever.

By: Rick McKee, KC8AON
        Willow Wood, Ohio <><

         Best 73 & Don't get on a power trip !
      Rick McKee, KC8AON Willow Wood, Ohio
    QRP-L #2112 AR-QRP #269 Flying Pigs #33

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