Re: Argonaut 505 Reverse polarity? Another Horror Story and why you need a NOGApig!


From: Mike Yetsko (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 13:22:07 EDT

> The rig's "negative rail" is ALWAYS connected to rig chassis, n'est pas ?


This is NOT always true. It is GENERALLY true in rigs that are
designed for one polarity ground only, but NOT always the case.

I've seen rigs that capacitively isolate the chassis from the
electronics, and only tie to the chassis in the 'passive' components
near the antenna, or the input jacks.

Rigs that are designed for dual polarity (or maybe even rigs that
STARTED design life as dual polarity, even if they end up not being
so) will usually have the capacitively coupled chassis.

I saw one rig a few years ago, don't recall what it was, but it was
obviously built for dual polarity, then they just 'shorted' the chassis
to the PCB. Almost as if they tried to make it both ways, then
at the end it didn't meet spec or something, and just made the hard
jump intentionally so it couldn't.


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