Re: you did what? (or... ducts ain't jest for microwaves anymore)


Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 22:00:43 EDT

Mac and gang,
Here's how it all came about.
I was sitting in my Lazy Boy, holding my Vectronics VEC-1140K DC
receiver in my lap and a piece of hookup wire in one hand, wondering what
might make a temporary receiving antenna that I could use right there in
the den. The lamp worked... sort of.
About that time, Ellie, our 3-year-old Springer Spaniel, jumped into the
chair with me and walked it back into the reclining position as she so
often loves to do.
Well, there I was staring at the ceiling and I notice this heat register
pressed against the plaster-of -Paris. Hmm, I wondered... So I made the
connection and WOW, that little receiver sprang to life ! Thanks,Ellie!
After a few hours of THIS, I wondered ( second wondering )... could I
load this thing with a transmitter ? Well, well, well...Thanks again,
Girl Dog !
Looking now at a few log entries for last March... well, those signal
reports ain't half bad !
Hey Carter, N3AO, there you are in the middle of the page giving me a 599
+ 20 dB for my VEC-1240K xmtr with one watt to the HDA ( Heat Duct
Antenna ) from that K2 of yours !
Well, you just never know what'll work... and it IS true!... Dog IS man's
best friend !
But, Mac... you sit at the dining room table watching TV and call CQ
during commercials... and YOU call ME sick ! :)
Bill, N4QA
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