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Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 14:38:24 EDT

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 I have completed the FB40 kit and am now ready to tackle a transceiver. Have
 looked at several, but have not reached a definite decision. I like the band
 coverage of the EMTECH. Could any of you give some input as to the ease of
 construction and how well it operates? I am looking at the 40 meter version.
You can't beat the rig.
It has a nice board layout and no relays.
Covers the whole band and has a real VFO.
My own suggestion is to make sure you get the VBT kit with it from Emtech or
another vendor.
Sure comes in handy when the band is crowded and the rig drives a 4" sp[eaker
with no problem.
The matching cabinet is nice and has enough room for any options you may want
to add later.
I sold mine and sorry I did.
Now eye problem don't allow me to do anymore soldering.
So anyone reading this i'm in the market for a built unit with the VBT and
KC-1 installed.
WA2HOQrp <tm>

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