Re: WJ1R Escapes From Arizona With Pelt Intact


Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 10:26:15 EDT

Through a sea of QRN, the clear QRP-L signal of Damon Raphael ( came booming though the headphones as I copied:

>I could here Larry only with my northeast beverage which killed the QRN.
>His low angle vertical RF ant sig was way over my head.

I had the same experience at the home QTH near Albuquerque. Ben, who
was 229 here last time he was a fox was a booming 589 last night, but
Larry only rose above the noise to a 119 at best for a few seconds
during the 80 minutes I listened. At no time was he clear enough that
I felt confident I'd recognize my own call if he came back to me, so I
never even called. At one point I'd turned preamp on and AGC off in
hopes of digging him out of the QRN by hand, but a 599+20db sig called
him and nearly split my eardrums. Ouch. The "evil stepkids" got a
giggle at the show when I yanked the phones off and nearly hit the
ceiling when I jumped.

This fox season has been my first, and I gotta say that even though
I'm completely out of the running for a high score, I've had a real
blast. Gotta love this sport.

Tom Russo   KM5VY    QRPL #1592   K2#398
Tijeras, NM DM65uw   SOC #236     
 "Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather
  straps. "  -- Emo Phillips

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