Pacificon 2000 QRP Forum Announcement


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 01:41:19 EDT

Guys, Pacificon 2000 will be held on Friday Oct. 20, Saturday, Oct. 21, and
Sunday Oct. 22. All of the QRP activities will be on Friday and Saturday.

This will be the 6th annual NorCal sponsored QRP Forum in conjunction with
Pacificon, the ARRL Pacific Division Convention put on by the Mt. Diablo
Amateur Radio Club. The convention will be held in the Sheraton Concord
Hotel located in Concord, CA which is near Oakland. If you are flying in, I
would suggest Oakland as your #1 choice, San Jose #2 and San Francisco #3.

The telephone number for the Sheraton Concord is 925-825-7700. This will
get you the hotel operator. Ask for the front desk, and ask for the
Pacificon special rate when reserving your rooms.

We have another exciting program planned for you this year. Friday night,
we will have a no host dinner starting at 6:30 at Fuddruckers, a hamburger
emporium near the hotel. We will meet in the lobby at 6:00 to arrange

Then we will return to the hotel where we will have a QRP Open House
Hospitality room starting at 7:30 PM. The feature event on Friday night
will be an SMK-1 QSO party. This fun event will start at 8 PM and run for
one hour. At the end of the hour, we will exchange qsl cards for the
contacts that you have made. Since this is a qrp event, we want qrp qsl
cards. So guys, get one of the qsl maker programs, and make some business
card sized qsl cards!! The required info will be Stations Call, RST, Name,
and first year licensed, date, time & frequency.

You must run an SMK-1 rig to participate, and you may use any antenna that
you can fit into the room. (Note, you may not attach the antenna to the
walls with any type of tape, nails, staples, old gum, hot glue gun, etc.).
The idea will be to work as many stations as you can with your SMK-1. You
may modify your SMK, you may bring outboard filters, but your rig must be an
SMK. After the QSO party, the operator with the most qso's will be awarded
a prize.

The rest of the evening will be spent visiting.

Saturday, we will have 6 speakers, and I am pleased to announce the

Vern Wright, W6MMA
Dave Gauding, NF0R
George Heron, N2APB
Mike Gipe, K1MG
Dan Tayloe, N7VE
Graham Firth, G3MFJ and Tony Fishpool, G4WIF

After the final qrp session, Dave Fifield, of Red Hot Radio is hosting a
Kodak moment for all NorCal 20, Red Hot Radio NC20, and Red Hot 40 owners.
If you bring your radio for the group picture, Dave will present you with a
free Red Hot Radio T-Shirt as a special token of his appreciation for your
support of Red Hot Radio and QRP.

Saturday night will feature the famous NorCal Building Contest, and this
year we will feature the SMK-1 "beauty contest". We will judge your entry
for quality of construction and packaging. There will be two divisions:
NJQRP Club SMK-1 Case Kit
Original Case

Also, JayBob Bromley and the Ft. Smith QRP group will sponsor the Ft. Smith
QRP Group P-TiCK division. Bring your P-TiCK, and we will decide who built
the best version of this fabulous $10 kit.

Finally, we will have the Manhattan construction division. This will be for
any project built using Manhattan Style construction and not entered into a
contest previously.

Several famous qrpers will be in attendance. Rich Fisher, JayBob Bromley,
Paul Harden, Chuck Adams, Dave Yarnes, Samari Sam Imai, Mike "the Picker"
Connor, Bob and Bertie Hightower, Brian Kassel, Roger Hightower, Derry
Spittle, and many more will be there.

Pacificon will be fun this year. As always, no additional charges for any
of the QRP activities, other than the admission to the hamfest. This is
NorCal's way of reinvesting in QRP. We want to encourage QRP and to have

Hope to see you in Pacificon. I'll be the guy with the thick glasses, no
hair, and a big grin on my face having fun. 72, Doug

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