Zmatch Parts Sources & Ramble


From: Coote, Jay (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 10:57:33 EDT

I've found some information on the "Z-Match" tuner variant by W6JJZ on
the NJQRP site.
There is a good discussion of W6JJZ's mods to improve balance and tank
Q, as well as
information on winding, using different cores (Mix #6 vs Mix #2), and
160 meter mods.

I think EMTECH provides a kit of one Z-match version; the ZM-2 which
includes a single LED
match indicator.

If anyone is aware of other ZM articles, schematics, or layouts on the
web... or has
something they could email to me as a JPG, I would appreciate it as well
as comments from users.

I am looking for sources for the dual-section plastic varaible
capacitors used in some
miniature versions of the ZM family.

This looks like a good QRP tuner for traveling, stealth or /P.

Thanks & 73

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