K2 Transverter


From: Mike Yetsko (myetsko@insydesw.com)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 10:10:52 EDT

Is anyone using their K2 as the core of a VHF or other station?

I was waiting for the 'Elecraft' transverter option, as they were
talking about two of them, one for 6M, and one as a generic
transverter interface.

But I recently sent an email to someone about it, and I started
thinking, it's not a big issue. I already have the Hamtronics
2M transverter setup built from separate boards from the
1982 ARRL handbook. Only I built it to tie to an old SSB
CB set. But that's just a crystal and a tune to move it to 10M,
or even just leave it.

The only issue is splitting the signal. I originally built my
transverter setup in an aluminum box with power supply and
the boards. And configured it so the microphone plugged
into the box, then the box output to the rig, that way I could
use the PTT on the mic as relay control.


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