Field day and antenna launchers


From: bob evinger (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 23:43:21 EDT

Well, I didnt make a showing at field day. I spent late saturday evening
up my wrist rocket to mount a fishing reel to it so I could avoid
climbing a tree to
install some experimental long wires.

The slingshot worked great, but after getting the fishing line over the
limb I wanted
on the first try and getting the weight down to the ground on the other
side. I found out
that the spool of rope I was going to use, didnt have enough on it.
Bummer :(

Tried to pull the wire up directly. I was using 14 gauge stranded and
insulated house
wire. I know it was going to stretch but this was too be a temporary
thing to see
if it was worth ordering the copperweld and besides, I already had the
TOo make a long story short, the fishing line broke when I tried to pull
wire across the first limb. Oh well, Lost half of my line so I have to
go to
town and get some more fishing line and some rope. Try, try again.

Hope everybody had a good field day.


Bob Evinger   WD9EKA      Marshall, Illinois 
If Guns Cause Crime, Then Matches Cause Arson.

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